Promise to do your best

You want to move forward. You want to improve. You want to be the best possible version of yourself!! It’s not happening, why?!

You have to accept two things;

  1. Failure is the key to success. That slap in the face will teach you more than anything that you will have found easy
  2. You can’t promise yourself something and then break your own heart by disregarding that promise

What is the root cause?

The biggest mistakes we make as individuals is when we break the promises we make with ourselves and then we convince ourselves that initial failure is the end of the line. We give up. Why?! A setback is an opportunity to re-evaluate and go again. Athletes get injured and they go away to recover, recuperate and what what do they then do? They come back and go again.

How to get through?

We CAN keep the promise and it’s NOT the end of the road. Perhaps, the idea was to lose weight, be financially smarter or to give up caffeine. Sometimes we want to add things like structure to our plans, to go exercise a few times a week, spend some good ol’ quality time with the family or (like me) start focusing on the blog. The exact second we break the promise with ourselves, we feel guilty and the majority of the time we just pretend we didn’t make that promise or we push it back for when the time is right. If you keep circling in this cycle, the time will never be right. Cut the crap. Start your journey to change. No other way to say it.

Its not even like the promises are unrealistic. The promises people generally make to themselves (more often than not) are not only achievable but very realistic. We only need maintain a bit of self belief and add a little more discipline to get there. Living life….. It was never meant to be rocket science! We overthink and complicate everything.

Right now, I want to lessen the amount of times I snack. I don’t need to do a spreadsheet on my snacking calorific intake for the week. I don’t need to call a dietitian. I don’t need to stress. I just need to avoid those unnecessary unhealthy snacks in between meal times.  I do like a good bag of doritos or a quick gobble of a bag of maltesers but it’s no good doing that on the daily. I know that and I know the solution. Instead I can opt for some fruit, veg or nuts and of course I could top up on H2O hydration levels. If I start worrying about every snack I won’t be able to have, it’ll overwhelm me and I’ll probably head right down to get a snack. It’s counter-intuitive. Relax your mind. And you know taking deep breaths isn’t a myth. It bloody works!

Keep the promises. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. If you tripped up it’s okay. Life is for learning, living and loving. When you trip up, you learn. The more you learn, the more you can love. The more you love, the more you’re living. Be confident in your abilities. One kind act. One good thought. One brave decision. All it takes.

Change is hard but regrets hit harder….

A little step forward, day by day, indeed in time it will go a long way.

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