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How do I recover?

This world can lift you up or take you down in a matter of seconds. It’s quite funny really. You mightn’t even know it until long past the actual instance. High as a kite one minute and as low as the oceanic depths in another. Well, I say it’s funny but it’s less haha and more, ugh.

Sun and rain equals rainbow. Life though, doesn’t always follow simple understandable mathematics.

Don’t expect the logical explanation

A sunny day could cloud your judgement and a wet walk in the rain could clear your mind. Things don’t always work in the way you might think or want. Sometimes logic will fail us and instead taking a (calculated) risk will make us. The simplest mathematical equation of A+B=C could fail. If A is 0 then that equation surely does fail as actually then A+B=B so the question is how do we know? How do we know which way is best?!

The fact is you have to make mistakes, be prepared to error as for every trial you must take, your understanding will surely be better. There’ll be days where you’ll taste defeat but you’ll learn, eat and sleep to find a wiser head on those shoulders.

You don’t see a way out?!

Don’t be disheartened and I know it sounds foolish to give you a pep talk over an internet connection but sometimes to get out of a tough spot, you have to do away with good old convention.

Life is like a punnet of peaches. Sometimes, so sublimely sweet and succulent and at others, sour and texturally disappointing. You cannot go through life falling at a hurdle only to get up and expect to fall at every other hurdle. Some hurdles are small and others are (you guessed it!) tall. What is the point in conning yourself out of your human right of having confidence to falsely believe that even the smallest hurdle will be a mountain that you simply can’t get over?! You can! In life, it’s not a sprint where you need to keep momentum at a heavy pace. It’s a marathon. This race is not as strict as humans and the media make it out to be. You won’t get disqualified if you bend the rules a little. If the hurdle is genuinely one that you feel you will topple into then walk around it. Maybe even duck under it. Take help if it’s available to you. Some people have a complex about accepting help. Let me put it this way… If you were to help someone would you feel shame? I’m pretty sure you’d not. So in the same fashion, why is it such a bad thing to accept help? If it’s the little nudge you need to do bigger and better things, take it. Help is one of the mercies we have in this universe. It’s more than okay to accept it from time to time.

Sometimes staring into the distance and watching people walk by is the most calming thing you can do. Watch others hurry and waddle past. Everyone has a struggle but as long as you keep moving positively, there’s surely a way past.

Human vs Human

The world is not uniform. We’re all human but we’re also different. In fact, we are a beautifully, wonderful concoction of a contradiction. Us humans, that is. We are the same and yet, we are not.

You must absorb the fact that other people succeed as a positive proof and example that you can too! Whatever it is that you want to do to make your life better… you can do! Equally, where people fall short or to be blunt, fail, you can learn from other people’s’ mistakes. You don’t always have to make your own haha! Sometimes, learning from someone else will suffice.

See, this is learning. I have learnt that I am more a savoury breakfast fan than a sweet breakfast fan. I am most definitely a breakfast and lunch separately kind of person too. None of that brunch nonsense!

Personal experience

I personally have had tumbles, trips, falls and many a false start and truthfully, giving up sounds like the most upsetting, unfair and unequivocally unjust way to treat myself! What has all the ruckus, perseverance, risk and effort been for?! What would all that work be for to fall flat now?! Voluntarily at that. To fall flat out of effort, I can accept because at least I would have tried but to fall foul of false disbelief and simple laziness would send me into a vicious self loathing cycle that I honestly can’t be bothered with. It would be an insult to myself. There are enough people in the world ready to troll you, you most certainly don’t need to insult yourself too!!!

Fact is…..Don’t let other people stamp on you but don’t be a lemon and stamp on yourself either! Always. Believe. In. Yourself.

It’s the same for you. For me. Everyone.

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