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Steady Eddie January

My January wasn’t really that exciting (as can be confirmed with the quickly edited video above) but I just kept chipping away at it knowing that I’ll get something out of it at some point. It was very steady. I was bored a lot. I had a lot of things to do. I was feeling quite overwhelmed at times. I didn’t waste my time though. I pursued my to do list like it was a million dollars (except it wasn’t) and it was rewarding (not quite like seeing a million dollars in my bank account) getting to the end of that particular list. It was enough to make me feel like it wasn’t a wasted month. I got stuff done. As always though, there’s more stuff to do!

January blues – the cue to to end the blues

I did what I know how to do. I chose the method of trial and error until I finally cracked the case of ‘Miserable me’…. And so usually I’d cheer myself up with a power walk or some pancakes. It wasn’t working. I hopped off to go to the gym. It wasn’t working (FYI, I didn’t actually hop. I walked at a leisurely pace) I tried writing and indeed, I did write. I posted a few times. To be honest I wasn’t totally enthused by the majority of my content. (If anyone knows a writer, it’s not uncommon for one to say that. That’s about par for a writer!) Again, my trials continued and they were not working. I kept taking the fists in the face and then finally, I’d cracked it! Aha…I ended up in an argument defending my stance on something I’m very passionate about and even though, I was clearly factual in my points, I lost. I lost because the other person shouted louder. This did somehow awaken me. Apparently all I needed was someone to get on my nerves!

Getting out of the rut

I can give you a list of things to try and I have done so in past posts. You could also try the suggestions above (minus the pancake eating because that’s not all that healthy when it’s Nutella pancakes with whipped cream hah) but often, the best ways to get away from being blue involve going back to basics. YOUR version of basics. Not mine. My suggestions might work but in equal measure, they might not. You might need one thing or a combination of changes, or additions, to get you through. Trial and error tests your patience. It’s not the kindest of methods to learn yet it’s one of the most used in all matters of science and life. At least, when you go through a list of things, you figure out what doesn’t work and in future you won’t waste your time trying it. You’ll just fast forward to the things that do work.

The rights – Your rights

I’m going to go off on a tangent now. It’s fair warning….

I know I bang on about not giving up and persevering. I know it’s very annoying. Sorry, not sorry. People are so quick to throw things back these days. If they hear the same thing twice in the space of a week, they get offended and defensive. It annoys me. People complain and whinge about things that don’t change. Why don’t they change? Situations don’t change because the people don’t change! It really gets on my nerves!!! They don’t want my advice, however, they want the right to complain. My ears, my soul and my brain don’t want to absorb that negativity. Sometimes, after I leave these people, these thoughts circle in my head. Why? Because I care about the people. I want to help them but they don’t want to be helped. Those are the toughest cases to crack. I must be an idiot because I just don’t want to give up on them. I don’t care how many times they throw my positivity and my want to help them back in my face. They’re addicted to that vicious cycle of being negative and they need my help. I will pursue this cause. It seems like a lost cause. It might be. I will trial and error until I find the case to solving the ‘Miserables’ and when I do, I’ll be sure to treat myself to a six month vacation in the mountainous hills somewhere sunny and gorgeous. A glass of lemonade, a selection of fresh pastries and a view people would sell their right arm for…. One can dream. In fact you always should.

If you can’t dream and you can’t think positively, what can you do?! It’s a basic human right to be able to hope and to have ambition. People and situations in life can take a lot away from you. They can take away materials, money or worse, people . You should never let them take away your right to hope and dream. That’s something that is innately within us and to be honest, it is never taken away. What happens is people fall out of sync with their hopes and fall foul of the fear of failure. Dreams are not a sure fire route to failure. They are your joys and inhibitions meant to lift you up, not tie you down.

The takeaway today

Back to today’s topic. Today’s takeaway might well be pizza, a meaty slice (or three) of jalapeño stacked and cheese lathered, meaty goodness. That’s not the takeaway I’m focusing on though. The takeaway from this post? What can you take away from this post? Well, I’m human and so are you. That’s not supposed to be patronising. I guess what I’m trying to say is, well, every situation is specific to that particular individual. If you’re struggling with something in your personal or professional life, and you don’t know what to do about it? Maybe, try a few different things. Google is full of great and some very poor suggestions. I once read the best way to get over sadness is to go swimming. I mean there might be something scientifically beneficial about swimming that is indirectly related to sadness but I don’t buy it! If they’d have said exercise I’d be taking that information with a bit more seriousness. Swimming?!

You might have to struggle a little bit more to get through your struggle. In fact yesterday, I was listening to Bradley Martyn. This guy opened up a gym a year or so ago. He’s into being super fit and to be honest, I’ve seen some of his videos before and my takeaway from those vids was that he’s a nice, friendly dude who’s had his battles and (still does) but he pushes through. Like every other, he has hiccups but I respect that he’s honest and pushes through! Remember this. The battle is with yourself before it’s with anyone else! In his video (which I’ve conveniently inserted below ‘cos I’m nice like that) he talks about exactly what I harp on about and a bit more. In fact, I’ll stop talking and you should go watch that now!

You don’t have to listen to me. There isn’t any small print that’s going to cost you anything. If by any chance, I’ve helped you at all. I’m happy with that.

My last words, for this post anyway. Be the best you.

Yes, this is written on the back of a bubble tea receipt. If this in any way or shape offends you… idk just I’m sorry. I guess 😐

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