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Levels to good and bad decision making

There are levels to good and bad decision making. You can make many good decisions and a single bad one can spoil things. Let’s say you are allergic to a specific type of food and eliminating it from your diet has stopped the oily skin, the bad stomach upsets and the need to have to run like the Flash to the bathroom every few hours! You’d feel great. Then one day you see this particular food (in all its taste tantalising glory) at a buffet or a party and you help can’t but submit yourself to a plateful. The next day and the following week you’re dealing with the repercussions. That’s not nice. In the opposite fashion, you could make a handful of bad decisions and a single carefully considered good decision could be the start of something great. Kind of like deciding to drink more water. You might notice that you have less headaches and you’re not as hungry/craving for snacks throughout the day. Your skin looks better. You’re not thirsty all the time (obviously) and after a few good weeks of following through on this, you actually feel a hell of a lot healthier! Totally a woohoo moment. That’s the kind of change we want. The happy and positive kind!

It’s a difficult art this decision making. Nobody said it was easy. For example, let’s say your goal is to quit sugar for a month (great video here about that) and you go three weeks without even blinking near anything remotely sweet but on the twenty first day you eat three big bad sugary cookies! (I’m not really a cookie fan but that’s a whole other story. I’d probably end up eating a load of pink wafers personally haha!) Basically, now you would feel like crap. You couldn’t sugarcoat the act. It would be fair to say that it was a poor decision, however, that poor decision can be a one time thing or you can turn it into a train wreck of bad decisions. If you decide to forgive yourself and move on, continue with the intended journey and maybe, add a day on to atone for that slip in the road then it was one poor decision being cleared up with a combination of good decisions. That’s the right way to go about it. That’s the mature way to approach mistakes and poor judgments. Acknowledge your mistake. Revert to a better attitude. Focus on your initial ambition. End of! Of course….. You could go the other way. Once you’ve come down off of the sugar high you could exaggerate the poor decision and guess what?! You could give up! That’s not the right way to go though. All you would be doing is levelling up on bad decisions! That is not a route you want to take.

When you break the promises that you make to yourself, you’re devaluing your own words’ worth and that is something you simply do NOT want to do. It’s poor for your health mentally, physically and emotionally. Remember, a blip in the road can be forgiven. You will learn from it. You’ll mature from it. You’ll even laugh about it one day. Multiple bad decisions are a whole other set of muddy waters. They require a complete overhaul of your thinking. That’s when you know you need to intervene and make changes. It’s better not to let yourself get to that point. You can recover from it. It’s just a fight I’d rather people didn’t put themselves through.

Decision making

You should level up on good decisions. When you make one, make another and another. Soon it’s going to be a habit and if you do make a bad one, you’ll call yourself up on it. You don’t need your mum or your best friend to pull you up. You will be self sufficient in doing your own self evaluation. People don’t like to take responsibility and accountability for what they do these days. It’s hard to acknowledge your own flaws! It’s even harder to admit them out aloud and then actively seek change!! What’s not hard is seeing the good effect of the changes and feeling the buzz of recognising your own achievements. When you know that you’re getting a bit too arrogant or boastful, or even lazy and lethargic about life in general, you don’t want to let it get so bad that someone who loves you gets concerned and then pulls you up on it. That’s embarrassing and also irresponsible. If you’re of sound mind and of a mature age, you should evaluate your own behaviour. Not to say that I haven’t made poor decisions in my life but I’ve been doing a self evaluation since I was eleven years old! Maybe even younger. If I’ve lost my way or I’m seemingly making questionable decisions, I’d be utterly ashamed and embarrassed to let it get to the point that someone has to pull me up on it! Although, if someone did and they had a point, I’d owe it to myself to acknowledge the mistake, move my mindset back to a positive attitude and to immediately regain focus on my ambitions. Not dwell. Not cry. Not start an argument. Just acknowledge the problem, alter my attitude and focus on the ambitions.

Attitude and Ambition

This website is for a good reason. It’s because it’s all about levelling up on some great attitudes and achieving success of our ambitions.

I hope you take something positive away from my posts but at the same time, I like to think that I don’t sugarcoat things and push positivity down your throat. I’m positive, yes. I’m not deluded though. Everyone has a specific set of circumstances and the solutions they will require will be specific to them.

I try to offer universal advice that with a little thought can be adjusted to your own life. I’m not always going to say the right thing for you, although, my intention is to do exactly that. I am a mere human human mortal so it’s not always a battle I’ll perfect. I don’t think perfection is a realistic aim anyway. Who wants to be perfect?! I like my flawed social circle. I like the fact that I can be overly competitive. I love the fact that I overthink! If I didn’t have these traits, perhaps, I wouldn’t have learned some of the great things that I have. I’m all about making good changes. I always say that you should aim to be the best version of yourself. Even that’s going to be flawed. We just have to try our best. We don’t need to be perfect to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We just need to acknowledge our issues and face them head on. Hard work will bring about reward. Just believe.

This is written in purple pen and no, purple is not my favourite colour. It’s just a nice colour. 🙃

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