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How a movie moved me

Well I know enough to know that if your first name is Chris the Hollywood gig is probably yours to lose. Loads of Chris’ in Hollywood 😂

I recently watched a trilogy. I watched the whole thing! I usually watch at most maybe the first film and then the last one. I’m not usually a filmie. I was never into TV or films at a young age. It’s strange that I actually watched the whole thing. Anyway, this trilogy….The first one inspired me. The second one left me questioning whether the message I took away was obvious or have I over thought it?! The third one raised so many questions and then seemingly tried to answer them with the goal (or the idea behind the story) of the first film. It was great. You see I’ve been writing a lot recently and as such, been thinking a lot. Films are provocative at some level irrespective of the quality or genre. For example if it’s a diabolical comedy then I’m going to reference it against a great comedy. If it’s an amazing thriller then I’m going to reference it against other thrillers. Needless to say (as I ramble on) that these films have provoked a lot of thoughts internally. You have to understand a few things though:

A) I’m not a film buff

B) Before watching this film I didn’t have a favourite film

C) I’ve never watched The Lion King or Star Wars or any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so my view on quality is very raw and basic. I say that because every one I meet seems to have! I’m… Very newbie like.

However, recently I purchased amazon prime. I’ve been flicking through it occasionally whenever I’ve sort of felt like it. This particular film I saw pop up in the ‘what to watch next’ recommendations and I’d ignore it. I must have ignored it four times before I finally played it! I honestly thought that this would be an exit after thirty seconds kinda thing. In fact, it turned out the first thirty seconds (to a minute) had me. I was there. I don’t know how the opening scene captured my attention and I can’t sum it up other than to say I like watching objects move at pace. There’s something about moving objects that fascinates me whether its planes, trains or roaring cars. It just so happens that this movie starts off with exactly that. From that moment I had to watch on.

The movie itself

It’s a movie about a woman who sets out to travel from point A to point B. Point B turns into point Z with lots of mini stops along the way. Totally unplanned. Superbly spontaneous. Slightly irresponsible. I love the thought of being able to indulge in not giving a shit for a short while. It’s a fantastic lesson in life when you decide to live in the moment. I’m not talking about being stupid. I’m talking about putting things that can wait in a waiting list and embarking on new adventures randomly. Adventuring out is a thrill filled with joys and disappointments. Happy moments tinged with a slight hint of questionable decisions. Laughter silently applauded by the moving clouds. A moment for the memory bank. A bunch of lessons that you learn that you simply couldn’t learn with premeditated structure. Structure is great. It’s what keeps the building standing. It’s what keeps a hospital running. It’s what makes the economy boom when it’s right. Although, a little bit of a loose structure now and again for the human mind is a liberating experience.

My take

The art of spontaneity is an art indeed. It’s so subjective and prone to mistakes that that’s what makes it so easy to love. In this movie, she doesn’t expect this journey to be an opportunity for anything other than her goal at the start. It was supposed to be a journey to see family and friends. Simple. The route of her journey was most definitely something that would set the benchmark for her adventures moving forward. Not so simple.

She was young, somewhat naive and very independent. Her naivety was balanced by her wit and her wisdom on living life. The world was her oyster and she could see the good in it but at the same time, she called up on the BS. Very funny and witty. Very emotional and heartfelt. Lots that I could resonate with and nod my head to. A lot that I didn’t understand and yet, I wanted to.

The journey the movie started in my life

Sometimes, you read something or watch something and you’re sure that you’re enjoying it. You’re sure that it’s a good ‘un and you’re hopping along the journey as the story unfolds. If it makes consistent sense we’ll say it’s great. Even when it doesn’t make sense we’ll still say it’s still great because we’ll forgive the bad as the rest of the story is so good! In this film, I was so captivated by it, I could almost imagine myself being there in the shadows of her every move. It wasn’t solely about enjoyment. It was understanding and laughing along. My sympathies followed her in the problematic moments and my applause followed for the conveyance of a complex character so comfortably portrayed. Maybe, it was so good because she wasn’t really acting. Perhaps, that is her in real life and she just got the gig to play herself! It doesn’t matter. That’s not the point. The point is that I now have a favourite film. I liked it so much that I watched the other two. I never do that!

Social media thievery

People kept walking through that stone structure. This was the most solitary picture I could get 😂

These days people see an old house or a tall building and they dismiss it. It’s not impressive anymore. You can see all of this on Instagram and on various social media platforms wherever you are. You could even be on the loo if that’s your thing! (I personally wouldn’t go there but I’m sure people do) Why would you be impressed seeing it in real life?! I love social media in the main. I have Instagram and Twitter profiles (have a peek if you want 😉) and I believe social media is a great modern tool but it does steal something away from us. It steals a bit of our imagination. I like to think about what certain cities or towns might look like and then one day, by accident I’ll stumble on a picture and my imaginary vision is trumped by the reality. The fun would’ve been finding out in person not over a five inch screen! These days people find excitement in sky diving or bungee jumping. Essentially, people now find enjoyment in doing things that risk their life. The great saving grace for this first part of the trilogy is that the first movie is set in the nineties away from the social media boom. Mobile phones weren’t an attention grabbing distraction. People carried cash and walked to the shops instead of jumping in a car to drive a mile down the road to pick up a loaf of bread. People visited new places with just their intelligence and perhaps, a paper map. The best thing… People enjoyed learning and experiencing new adventures. People found new things exciting because they were new! They hadn’t seen or heard of them before.

Buffering in real life

The discovery process for the character was a sped up one. It’s like the buffering stage was supposed to be much longer and someone, somewhere knew about fibre optic broadband before anyone else knew about it and they boosted the whole process for better and for worse. The character benefitted from it greatly and simultaneously was dealt a poor hand at times too. The great moments came with a few slaps. She knew that that would be what would be and I commend her attitude and bravery for following through regardless. It’s kind of hilarious and at the same time, not funny at all. The contradictions throughout the movie added to the the humour. The sadness was hovering over an arch of humour and the humour fizzed around the sadness. I loved it. There are times I want to give her a high five and at other times a slap on the wrist. It amused me to no end.

My London Journey inspired by her

After watching the films, a week or so later I travelled through to London. It wasn’t an unplanned trip and I did have other commitments to attend to however, I allowed myself the time to travel on a journey of my own. I didn’t intend on sightseeing and in the past, I have a little on a few occasions. This time I committed to giving central London a good walk through. The weather only helped keep me jovial throughout the walk. I had a blister and I wasn’t feeling a 100%. I was a little bit tired. I’d had a difficult time the previous day. It was strange. I still felt good. The sky was blue. The breeze was a soothing sound. In fact, I wrote in real-time while I was sat on a bench and you can read that below;

It’s completely gorgeous it here in London today. There’s a lovely breeze, a blue sky and a subtle warm sunshine. Absolutely gorgeous. There are children with parents and grandparents. There are young people and older people. There are even older older people. It’s wonderful seeing the river of smiles and the calming waves of water at Southbank. I’m so glad I sat down and I can just enjoy it.

London Southbank February 2019

The hustle and bustle of footsteps and laughter surround me as does this gentle, calming breeze. It’s a quiet sort of hustle and bustle. The kind that I like. The weather looks like it’s really hot but it’s not. It’s deceptive however, it’s a good deception. It’s a mood boosting deception and I for one, I’ll take that. You don’t have to worry about too much perspiration in this kind of temperature and the aesthetics of the sky lead to an abundance of inspiration. It’s a winner winner!

Book stall under the bridge 🌉


The people only want to enjoy their day. It’s very clear with the chit chat I can hear. Lots to be happy about. The weather is beautiful. There are street performers, ice cream vans and food stalls. There’s even a book stall here. People just want to enjoy their day. So do I.

To think or not to think

I personally feel like it’s put my thought process into a revolving circle. It’s got me questioning a lot of things and perhaps, yes, it’s because I’ve been writing a lot recently. The littlest occurrences spur on the biggest ideas. It’s a delicate thing this thinking business. You don’t want to think too much. Headaches are not nice. Although, a little bit of extra thought does go a long way whether that’s in your career or personal life. It’s like adding up brownie points for yourself. Someday and somehow they will come back to reward you. I believe that. I really do!

The character in the movie, she’s very smart. Almost too smart. Her intelligence can lead to self doubting because she analyses everything. She questions every occurrence. She wants to find an explanation whether logical or not for every little thing. I can relate. Perhaps, not on the intelligence spectrum but most definitely on the thinking and qualifying why certain things happen. While I was walking around through the streets of London and over many bridges (I lost count) I remembered how much I had to be grateful for. I took a few deep breaths staring out into the water. It was a wonderful feeling. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. I wasn’t particularly thinking about or doing anything. I felt a sense of calm that I didn’t know I needed to feel.

We all carry some chips on our shoulders. We all do. It’s a human trait to feel pressure or strain. It’s natural. It’s expected. What we do with that difficulty is up to us. Careful and considered reminders are a good thing. We all know that we should drink water and be healthy. Do we? Not always. We all know that we should we should relax for our own mental health. Do we? Again, no, not enough. We know a lot of things and we don’t always follow through on them. It always irks me how people are irritated if you offer any advice or reminders because they’ve heard it before. I’ve heard a lot of stuff before too. It’s not a bad thing to reinforce positive advice or information. We are human at the end of the day. We lose our way. It’s good to keep yourself reminded of what to do as well as what not to do.

The movie and me…

I’m aware that I haven’t specified which particular movie set it is that I watched. I don’t feel the need to. This post is more about how this character, she allowed me to let spontaneity back into my life. The journey that her soul travels on combined with the physical pit stops along the way encourage my belief that the growth of a human being doesn’t exist through only mental means. Moving though life physically, mentally and emotionally through challenge and adventure is a great way to mature. You learn. You enjoy. You endure. You better. I love that.

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