I’m just a girl from Earth. I guess professionally, I’m a Freelance Writer, motivational coach and on the side, a pretty savvy Data and Administration wizard (witch sounds evil).

I like orange flavoured chocolate, cheddar cheese and grilled chicken.

I may sound like quite a boring sod but what I lack in certain things, I certainly make up for with my enthusiasm and unequivocal desire to do great things!

I love to see people succeed and for people to fulfill their potential! I’m motivated to motivate you.

Most of the time I’m talking from experience. See, the thing is… I’ve been down. I’ve been told I’m not good enough. I’ve had more looks of disbelief than a nineties kid has seen episodes of the Simpsons! The #struggleisreal but #youcangetthrough

I want people who are struggling to know that people do care and that they most certainly are not alone. It might seem like it and I’ve been there, BUT, the tough times will pass.

The world can also be very depressing and some people want other people to fail. It’s sad but it’s true. It really winds me up (kind of like how Tom used to be perplexed by Jerry) so I have created this blog to try and share some advice that let’s you know that you CAN succeed! There are cynics, skeptics and negative people everywhere but then there’s the believers, the dreamers and the ones who just want everyone to be happy. So let’s ignore the haters and be the good, great and galvanised gladiators ready to do great things!

I might as well promote myself

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m kind of funny I’m told. I don’t know if they’re talking about my humour or if they mean like a smell. Let’s hope it’s the former.

All in all

All in all, I’m a chatty individual but amongst the chit chat, I want people to walk away feeling pumped and positive. Life is hard but guys, regrets are harder…

My mantra: Be the best version of yourself and allow the good in you to do great things. Great losses are a part of life but so are great achievements.